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Kirsten Cosgrove is a new emerging contemporary fine artist. Kirsten is from the Jersey Shore and currently lives in New York City working as a manager for a leading film prop company. She studied Special Make-Up Effects and has worked as an artist in the film, television, theatre and event industry for 11 years. She has worked on everything from the 5th Avenue Tiffany Christmas windows to displays in the MET and MOMA. Kirsten was featured as a contestant on the Food Network's reality competition show, "Sugar Dome" and placed second.


Kirsten is comfortable in many mediums but prefers the tedious and challenging process of traditional clay sculpting. She creates sculptures in clay, then molds, casts and paints the pieces. Majority of her work is inspired by breathtaking colors and patterns exhibited in nature feet below the surface of water only attainable by scuba diving or free diving. 

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